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Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

Sciatica: Symptoms & Treatment

While lower back pain is a common complaint, sciatica specifically refers to irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the human body. This irritation triggers pain that travels along the nerve, potentially affecting the one or both of your legs. If you're experiencing sciatic pain, understanding the symptoms and available treatment options can empower you to seek relief. For more information, give us a call at Dynamic Care. Our chiropractor in Altamonte Springs, FL, is here to help.


Recognizing the Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica presents with a set of symptoms that can vary in intensity and duration. Here are some them:

●     Shooting pain down the leg: This is the hallmark symptom, often described as sharp, burning, or throbbing pain that starts in the lower back and travels down one leg, typically following the path of the sciatic nerve.

●     Numbness and tingling: You might experience a pins-and-needles sensation in the affected leg or foot. This can be accompanied by a loss of feeling in some areas.

●     Weakness in the leg: Sciatic nerve compression can weaken the muscles in the affected leg, making it difficult to walk, climb stairs, or work for extended periods.

●     Pain with certain movements: Activities like bending over, twisting, or sitting for long periods can worsen sciatic pain. This is because these movements aggravate the already irritated nerve.

If you experience these symptoms, particularly if they are persistent or worsening, chiropractic care may be able to help. Early diagnosis may help prevent complications and ensure a faster recovery.

Treating Sciatica with Chiropractic Care

When it comes to sciatica treatment, chiropractic care offers a safe and non-surgical approach. Here's how chiropractic care may benefit those suffering from sciatica:

●     Improved spinal alignment: Through targeted adjustments, chiropractors may be able to help restore proper alignment in the spine, potentially alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve and promoting pain relief.

●     Enhanced mobility and flexibility: Chiropractic care can help provide better movement and reduce muscle tension that may aggravate sciatic pain.

●     Natural pain management: Chiropractic adjustments and other techniques can help support the body's natural healing mechanisms, potentially providing pain relief without the need for medication.

Get Chiropractic Care and Lower Back Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor Near You

If you're experiencing sciatic pain and seeking a natural and drug-free solution, chiropractic care may be a valuable option. We at Dynamic Care, staffed by our chiropractor in Altamonte Springs, FL, are dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans to help address your specific needs. We offer a holistic approach to sciatica treatment, combining adjustments with other therapies to help promote lasting relief and improved mobility.

Don't let sciatica control your life. Contact our chiropractic care team at Dynamic Care today to schedule your first appointment and explore how chiropractic care may help you on your journey to living pain-free. Call us at (407) 767-2000 for chiropractic care and lower back pain treatment from a chiropractor near you.